Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Try, Try Again

Sooo, I didn't end up making the midnight bedtime. And I'm behind again tonight. Quite tired, actually. So I should be making more of an effort here! I think I crashed so hard last night that I don't even remember Jared waking me up (as we agreed upon for our Bible reading...the one that didn't happen this morning.) I was zonked! Not sure of the actual definition of *zonked* but I think it means super tired or out of I'm using it as such. Just to be clear. ;)

BUT...I'm going to try again!! I am hereby leaving computer work unattended for tonight. I hate this, but it's a start to accomplishing my goals of better physical & spiritual health. Gotta start somewhere, which means gotta let go of something. For now.

I'm reminded of this great e-book on called "Maximize Your Mornings" (which I am obviously no expert on...but feel this strong need & desire to get onboard. I've started it a few times but get sidetracked so quickly!) Anyway, good stuff. I know that to reach those goals I mentioned, I reeeally need to start my day off with God, setting myself & my kiddos up for encouragement and for Spirit-work. Hey, gotta preach it to myself!

And so I say goodnight. {and this is me hoping to have better results with morning wake-up.}

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